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Looking for character ties? How to use this forum!

We set up this section of the forum to help our players connect their characters with other player characters through shared histories. Here's a quick how-to guide:

Subject heading (the 'discussion title') - be brief! At most list the sect, (chapter) location, clan (if you picked one), and a quick descriptor
  • (Camarilla)(St. Paul - Minneapolis) - Ventrue theatre patron - looking for lineage
  • (Independent Alliance)(Kansas City) - Giovanni looking for business allies
  • (Sabbat)(Chicago) - Clan TBD - looking for former packmates

As for your character description / intro - Give a quick synopsis of your character concept (3-5 sentences). Here's some things to consider sharing:
  • Clan / bloodline, if you have finalized this. Otherwise, let people know about the concept and that the clan is to-be-determined (best way to get a PC sire!)
  • Approximate time frame and location of embrace
  • What was your character known for before their embrace?
  • What was your character known for after their embrace?

FYI: Connections to canon level NPC's need to be reviewed and approved by the National Storyteller. It will likely be approved unless there are several other PC's with the same connection. As an example - we are okay with people wanting to play descendants of Theo Bell. We do not want to have 100 PC's who are all descendants of Theo Bell.
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