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Characters that require National ST Notification

Greetings and salutations:

If you plan on creating a character that includes any of the following, please notify the National ST. You can reach him via our Community Manager at community@hiddenparlor.com - she makes sure he reads all necessary emails :)

Characters that require NST notification:
  • Canon NPC lineages - we aren't saying "no" to PC's being childer of Theo Bell. We want to make sure we don't end up with 100 childer of Theo Bell. If there's a high # of player characters that claim a specific NPC as their sire/grandsire/etc., we may encourage you to seek out other NPC connections.
  • Historical figures - Again, not saying no. We want to avoid having multiple people portraying Lorenzo de' Medici or Marilyn Monroe (unless they are doing so because they have a derangement where they believe they are said individual)
  • Current life celebrities/public figures - see the explanation we gave for 'Historical Figures'
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