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( True Independent )(Modesto, CA) Criminal Fixer looking for Recruits, Allies and Contacts

edited October 2015 in Character Connections
Hi! I'm playing a True Brujah named Reinhart Stoppen that uses his web of allies to connect the right people together. I'm kind of basing him off of Red from the Blacklist. A criminal that uses his intellect to get things done. He was embraced in D.C. in the early 80s. Before his embrace, he was in the service, serving in Games and Theory. He uncovered a vast conspiracy leading back to his sire. He was embraced, given a limited amount of training and set free into the world. Unfortunately, being AWOL due to embrace isn't something the Government takes kindly, especially if he's gone missing with state secrets. So he turned to crime and found he was good at it, even better, he liked it. He's attracted at least 6 other Kindered (as of 2012 in game time) with more being recruited all the time. Want to join our numbers? Want to be one of our clients? Or maybe we could have employed you? The Suicide Kings are here for you!
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