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(Sabbat) (Los Angeles, California) Lasombra - Orthodox form Knight

Looking for background ties for my Lasombra:

Name After Embrace: Esteban Guerra
Heraldry: ermines two wolves combatant a sword argent hilts
and pommels or, a chief argent, in chief three chaplets gules
Born: 1318 – Madrid, Spain (Kingdom of Castile)
Knighted: 1336
Embraced: 1358CE
Released: 1365CE
Active in Anarch Revolt 1390CE – 1435CE
Present for both Treaty of Thorns and signing of the Code of Milian


1318 CE – 1336 CE – Spain Kingdom of Castile, Mortal, time as Squire with Count of Leon, Later Knighted.

1336 CE – 1355 CE –Travels from Spain to Hungary, Constantinople, Antioch, and then Jerusalem.

11355 CE – 1358 CE – Returns to Spain.
1358 CE – Embraced by Felice De Berengar – after having been informed that it was he who and worked to destroy Esteban life to see how he would react.

1360 CE - Kills his Father and takes on title of Count Esteban of Avilés, swearing fealty to the Holy Roman Church. Brought Evidence that his father was part of the Cathar movement, and worked against the Church.

1365 CE - 1390 CE - France - Cather war – Travels most of Southern France during this time with his pack of Kindred knights destroying those that are part of the Cather movement and those involved in the Cainite Heresy. During this time wins a petition before the Court of Blood to Hunt down a Lasombra who was part of the Heresy.

1390 CE – Esteban having fallen close to losing his humanity from his acts of violence meets with his sire who teaches him the philosophy of the Path of Caine – Over time Esteban is able to make the transition from Humanity of the Path.

1405 CE - While his sire is sacking the Lasombra stronghold, Esteban and his band of knights track down two elders and destroy them as part of the uprising of Gratiano de Veronese. Both Elders where linked to the Cainite Heresy and the Bogomils.

1411 CE - Creates a War Band later to become a pack in the Sabbat called Ecorcheurs

1493 CE – Present for the Treaty of Thorn – Leaves with most of the Lasombra, later present during the signing of the Code of Milan.

1550 CE – 1790 CE – France, Hungary, Spain – Fought in many battles against the Camarilla.

1790 CE - 1870 CE - (Torpor) Gravelotte, France – not long after a brutal battle with the Camarilla and seeing no new member of the Cainite Heresy Esteban puts himself into Topor while he thinks upon his time and attempts to learn more about the abyss. Turns over control of the Pack to (Andrews character Name)

1870 CE - Awoken - Gravelotte, France (Aug. 18) during Franco-Prussian war

1870 CE – 1920 CE - Travels Europe and reconnects with LAN and Sabbat

1921 CE – 2004 CE – Cuba, Mexico, Middle East, Europe

2004 - Arrives back in the US, moves to Los Angeles.

Character Inspiration

* The Operative – Serenity, As Portrayed by: Chiwetel Ejiofor
* Silas - The Da Vinci Code, As Portrayed by: Paul Bettany
* Gabriel – Constantine, As Portrayed by: Tilda Swinton
* John Wick – John Wick, as Portrayed by: Keanu Reeves

Email: camarillaharold@gmail.com
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