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Community Rules

Below is a brief explanation of our community rules and expectations for specific topics and situations. If you have any questions about our Community Code of Conduct, please email The Hidden Parlor Team at community@hiddenparlor.com.
  • Abusive Language and Disruptive Behavior: We do not tolerate abusive language or disruptive behavior on our forums. This goes for abusive and disruptive comments and behavior that are directed at a volunteer for The Hidden Parlor and THP community member, alike. Please remember to be respectful and constructive at all times on our forums, and help us maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all.
  • Advertising: We do not allow advertising on our forums. This includes, but is not limited to advertisements and promotions for the following:
    • Outside businesses and services
    • Other game systems
    • Other World of Darkness LARPs
    • Any venture that results in monetary profit
  • We do not consider the promotion of your game within The Hidden Parlor, fan sites, and fan groups, or the activities and content thereof, to be advertising. Please feel free to let The Hidden Parlor community know all about your in-network game, fan site, or fan group! Simply keep in mind that you may not promote your fan site or fan group if you are looking to turn a monetary profit by doing so.
  • Bashing and Slanderous Comments: We do not permit the bashing of individuals (including The Hidden Parlor volunteers), groups, or other companies on our forums. We believe that doing so is neither constructive nor in spirit of our game and community.
  • Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation: We do not tolerate the deliberate and malicious spreading of false info or conspiracy theories about The Hidden Parlor, its games, or its volunteers. This does not include honest mistakes; rather, this rule pertains to those who go out of their way to spread harmful or malicious rumors about The Hidden Parlor, its volunteers, and its community members.
  • Copyright Infringement: Names and Material: We do not allow copyright-protected usernames on our forums. Copyright-protected names are typically from well-known original characters in books, games, and movies. We also do not permit discussion about the illegal distribution or use of copyrighted material, such as pirated game books.
  • Cursing and Profanity: Purposefully circumventing our forum profanity filter or otherwise cursing or using profanity is not permitted on our forums. Our forums have a profanity filter in place for the purpose of keeping profanity off our forums — please help us keep the THP community constructive and profanity-free by respecting that filter.
  • Demands and Threats: We encourage you to share feedback, suggestion, and requests with us, but we expect all of our community members to refrain from resorting to demands or threats. We believe that demands and threats are not constructive. Threats of real-life violence, in particular, are something we take very seriously and do not tolerate in the THP community.
  • Deliberately Disobeying a The Hidden Parlor Community Moderator: Deliberately disobeying a request or action by a member of the THP Community Moderation Team is not permitted at any time. As an example, if we close a thread you created and leave an explanation stating why it was closed, you may not re-create the thread.
  • Discussing Disciplinary Actions: If you ever have questions or concerns about a disciplinary action or decision we have made on the THP forums, or wish to appeal a forum warning or infraction you’ve received, we ask that you please contact [ADD SUPPORT TICKET URL HERE] to do so (please specify that you are contacting about a forum-related inquiry or appeal). We are happy to discuss and review specific moderation-related actions with you, but we do not allow discussion of any moderation actions or decisions on our forums. If you have questions or concerns about a disciplinary action within The Hidden Parlor, please contact [ADD SUPPORT TICKET URL HERE]  to ask about a suspension or ban, and any other support-related feedback. We cannot assist with organizational rule violations on the forums.
  • Flaming: It’s okay to disagree and debate on the official THP forums, but we do ask that you keep all disagreements civil, constructive, and on-topic. If a discussion gets heated and turns into a debate, remember that you should stick to debating the post and/or thread topic. It is never appropriate to resort to personal comments or jabs about those participating in the thread discussion.
  • Goodbye/Quitting Threads: We understand that sometimes people will leave the THP community, and want to post a “goodbye” or “quitting” thread. Generally, we have found that “goodbye” and “quitting” threads have a tendency to go downhill fast. It is our policy to read the feedback in “goodbye” and “quitting” threads and close them, regardless of whether they are constructive or not.
  • Hate Speech: We take the use of hate speech very seriously in the official THP community, and have a zero tolerance policy. Our definition of hate speech is prejudice or hateful comments, slurs, or statements that promote violence or intolerance toward others because of the following:
    • Race
    • Creed
    • Color
    • National Origin
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Lifestyle
    • Any other personally identifying factors
  • Please help us ensure that everyone feels welcome and free to participate on the official THP community forums.
    • Impersonation: We do not tolerate impersonation of any kind in the official THP community, and take impersonation attempts very seriously when they do occur. Impersonation includes using a display name, photos, posts, or any other material with the intent to fool people into believing you are a The Hidden Parlor administration member or volunteer, another community member, a celebrity, or anyone else you are not.
    • Inappropriate Content and Language: Certain topics and subjects are deemed inappropriate and not permitted on the official THP forums. Things that we consider inappropriate are usually illegal, extremely volatile or violent, obscene, vulgar, or simply inappropriate for an official game forum such as ours. Inappropriate content on the THP forums includes, but is not limited to the following:
      • Extreme violence
      • Illegal substances and activities
      • Pirated copyright-protected material
      • Pornography and other sexually explicit topics
      • Real-world religion and politics
      • Tasteless, vulgar, or obscene material
    One specific term we’d like to call out, as well, is the term “gay.” It is never appropriate to use “gay” as a derogatory term.
    • Malicious Links: We do not tolerate the posting of malicious links on our forums, for any reason. This includes links to pornographic material, key-loggers, and browser hijackers, but also includes links to private game server sites, phishing scams, and sites that sell in-game currencies and power-leveling services.
      We greatly appreciate when our community members wish to report a harmful or misleading ESO-related site to us, but please do not do so on the official ESO forums. If you discover a site you want to report to us, please report them at [ADD SUPPORT TICKET URL HERE] 
    • Names in Thread Titles: Please refrain from placing the names of The Hidden Parlor volunteers or THP community members in your thread titles. Directing a thread at a specific individual, or otherwise using a thread to call someone out, is not considered constructive. If you need to get a hold of a specific community member, please send them a private message.
    • Naming-and-Shaming: We do not allow posts or threads that are created for the purpose of “naming-and-shaming” other community member(s). “Naming-and-shaming” is the act of creating a post to call out an individual or group by name, and making them the subject of public accusation, ridicule and/or shaming. Generally, naming-and-shaming involves an in-game situation and/or Terms of Service violation, which the THP Community Team is unable to assist with. A certain amount of rivalry and competitive razzing is healthy for any game community, especially one with PVP elements, but naming-and-shaming goes well beyond that. It typically elevates to a point where the subject feels legitimately harassed. We believe that naming-and-shaming posts and threads can be abused and are very harmful to the community. We also don't feel that publicly calling out or accusing others by name on our forums is in spirit of the game or our community. If you genuinely believe someone has violated our Terms of Service, you should report them in-game via the support interface — do not bring the situation onto the official ESO community forums.
    • Personal Information: For the sake of your own identity protection and personal privacy, we ask that you please do not share any personal information in the official The Hidden Parlor community. This also goes for sharing another community member’s personal information — doing so is not only considered malicious behavior, but it is a violation of our Terms of Service and something we take very seriously.
    • Petitions and Protests: We do not allow petitions or protests on our forums. Due to the fact that both promote the use of demands and replies that consist of “/signed” or little else, we feel that neither encourage nor allow for meaningful and constructive discussion. Instead of using a petition or protest, we recommend presenting your thoughts as a request or suggestion so everyone in the community can discuss it.
    • Rude and Insulting Comments: We understand that sometimes tempers rise, but it is never acceptable to resort to rude comments and insults. This goes for rude comments and insults directed at other community members, and The Hidden Parlor volunteers alike.
    • Spamming: Please do not post spam on the official The Hidden Parlor forums. Below are a few examples of what we define as spamming:
      • Posting the same message more than once
      • Posting messages that are nonsensical or have no real content
      • Posting messages or images large enough to disrupt the normal flow of conversation
      • Reposting material that has been removed by a member of the THP Team
        Also, please refrain from posting the same topic in multiple areas of the forum, or cross-posting in an attempt to gain further views or replies. This is considered spamming, and the duplicate threads will be removed.
    • Thread Bumping: Please refrain from replying to discussion threads for the sole purpose of “bumping” them. This is considered to be a form of spam because it does not add to the discussion in a constructive or meaningful way. We understand that everyone would like to keep their discussion active and visible, but we encourage you to strive for meaningful and constructive posts instead of posts that consist of nothing more than “Bump!”
    • Trolling or Baiting: The act of trolling is defined as something that is created for the intent to provoke conflict, shock others, or to elicit a strong negative or emotional reaction. It’s okay and very normal to disagree with others, and even to debate, but provoking conflict, baiting, inciting, mocking, etc. is never acceptable in the official The Hidden Parlor community. If you do not have something constructive or meaningful to add to a discussion, we strongly recommend you refrain from posting in that thread, and find another discussion to participate in instead. It is also not constructive or helpful to publicly call out others and accuse them of trolling, or call them a troll—please refrain from doing so. If you genuinely believe someone is trolling, please report the post or thread to the THP Team, and leave it at that.
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