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Share your feedback on drafts of membership documents

Greetings community members,

As promised, here are the drafts of the club documents available for membership review:
I want to take a moment to thank Bryan Barletta, Anastasia Mars, and their volunteer team for all of their work over the past week and a half. They were instrumental not only in creating these documents, but also in providing advice to the Board of Directors during a rather tense period of social media dialogue

Here is an outline of the process going forward, which is a recap of what I wrote in a post yesterday (https://www.facebook.com/groups/hidden.parlor.ooc/permalink/1192351370788538/)

Members can submit feedback on one of 3 channels:
This forum post
The following post on the OOC Facebook discussion group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/hidden.parlor.ooc/permalink/1193853417305000/
This feedback form - https://www.hiddenparlor.com/forms/feedback/member-documents-draft-2016

The Board of Directors and document creators are taking a step back from the feedback discussion. We will jump in if there's a question about the document where clarification is needed, or if we are *requested* to put on our moderator hats and intervene because things are getting hostile. This is your thread / your discussion time.

In order to lessen the chance of miscommunication, keep everyone on task, and speed up the feedback review / response process, all handbook feedback must follow the following format:
  • What is the specific item that you are giving feedback on (if it's 1-2 sentences, copy-paste the sentences)
  • What is your question / comment / concern about this line item
  • If this is something that you feel needs to be changed, what change(s) are you suggesting?

We will consider all feedback that is submitted. We do plan to address feedback that isn't implemented. Keep in mind that we also have to look at the long-term and global impact on the club, and there's also the chance of conflicting feedback.

Once the feedback is compiled and reviewed by the board (July 5 - 10th'ish), we will publish the revised draft of the national handbook/charter and the chapter-level charter template, the changelog, and the submitted feedback. This will then be brought to an all-member vote for a 2-week period, with those who are paid members as of the open of the voting period being eligible to vote.

We thank you in advance for helping us with the membership document development process.

Jessica Karels
President, The Hidden Parlor
Hidden Parlor Admin
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