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Chapter Websites & Membership Portal - Need your help/input


I wanted to reach out to everyone regarding a few things that are website related

Chapter websites
Back in early August I started reaching out to the staff members of our chapters requesting info that could then be used to build out chapter-specific websites (and marketing materials). Austin has provided us with everything we need (they actually built out a website on their own at http://www.hiddenparloratx.com/) and Merced has given most of the requested items. We haven't heard back from the other chapters regarding the requested items or a timeframe in which we can expect them. 

We're asking you to help us by reaching out to your game staffs and offering to help. I understand that there's a lot of work involved in being a game storyteller/administrator and that some have stepped forward to take on these roles while dealing with already busy personal lives. Anything that each of us can do to lighten their load (and help the club move forward with our marketing presence) is greatly appreciated. It also means Volunteer Points for you! ;)

Expanding the membership portal
Over the past few days I updated the underlying framework code for our membership portal / LARP Administration website (http://portal.hiddenparlor.com). I previously mentioned that the next development steps are to build out the administrative/story development parts of a character database. Before I do that, I want to fix any remaining bugs or build out sections of the admin site that are unfinished. 

This is where I need your help (specifically if you are a ST/Administrator) - what additional reporting/tools can I add in that would help you with running your game? What bugs/error codes/weird outputs are still happening? Please email me at technomancers@hiddenparlor.com so I can keep track of what still needs to be changed.

Thanks in advance!

Jessica Karels
Club President & Arch Technomancer
Jessica Karels Developer, The Hidden Parlor Facebook|Twitter
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