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Grand Masquerade 2016 in New Orleans

Great news: Masquerade by Night - the premier World of Darkness convention for the Live Action Role Play and Tabletop gaming communities - will be held in New Orleans in 2016. Dates / location / pricing is TBD.

We want to hear from you on what you'd like to see happen at NOLA for our community (answer in the comments). Keep in mind that formal invitations have not gone out to the various clubs. We may be invited to host a game, we may not. I'm not going to make assumptions. Even if we aren't invited to host a LARP, I'd like for us to collect and share what we'd like to see so that they can create an awesome convention that we'd attend regardless.
  1. Would you attend the Grand Masquerade in New Orleans (circa September 2016)3 votes
    1. OMG NEW ORLEANS!!!! I'd go even if there wasn't a Hidden Parlor game
    2. If The Hidden Parlor doesn't host a game, I probably won't attend
    3. You caught my attention, but I need more information
    4. I'm not interested in attending an event in New Orleans
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  • mel
    Participant Ghoul
    I'd love to see a Hidden Parlor SABBAT game at Nawlins...We always seem to get the Cam/Anarch games, but nobody runs Sabbat any more, and darnit I miss it! LOL Plus since I'm the ST here, I won't get to play my PC very often unless we attend a lot of events and HP runs Sabbat games. :smiley:
    OOC: Mel Hendrix-Gibson
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