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(Camarilla)(Ventrue - Sacramento, CA)10th century through present available

Marcus Carrington, known more commonly throughout Kindred history as Marcus Domitius Domitianus.
While the exact date of his Embrace and entrance into Kindred society are unknown outside of the Ventrue, it is known that he become a public figure in civil Kindred society as early as the 7th century, operating largely in Britain and western Europe - although he did pop up from time to time in eastern Europe when Jurgen was engaged in his bitter struggle against the Tzimisce and Gangrel.
After the Renaissance, he was a bit more traveled.

Please email me at bootpartyking@gmail.com if you're interested in building ties!


  • Rory
    Participant Ghoul
    Still looking for Childer, broodmates, contacts, and other background ties.
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