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Traveling Road Show - (Location: Merced, CA) (Clan:Ravnos) (Sect: Independent)

edited January 2016 in Character Connections
Jacob has been running a traveling show for the last few centuries. It has taken many different forms, from a simple caravan to Multi Big Top Circuses, depending on the time frame and location. Very fluid on the times and locations at this point. Still working out a time line. Looking for ties with anyone that would be part of a traveling show or make use of one as a means of transporting goods/people. This would have begun roughly around 1350 in Eastern Europe.

Let me know if you would like more details.


  • Ginger_Chef
    Participant Ghoul
    Sorry but I posted this before knowing exactly what to do. :) Please feel free to email me at ted.maddog.mattox at gmail.com for more information. :)
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