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(Camarilla)(St. Paul - Minneapolis) Disgraced Lasombra Antitribu, looking for connections

(assuming no problems with the NST staff)

Hugo "the Untouchable"

Former Knight Hospitaller, born in Bavaria, Embraced 1178 in the Kingdom of Jerusalem
Helped his sire and started hunting Infernalists prior to the Anarch Revolt throughout Europe
Supported the foundation of the Camarilla and fought during the Anarch Revolt and afterward
Continued to hunt Infernalists, sole survivor of attack that killed an Infernalist Anathema in 1621
Completely screwed up during lead up to French Revolution, fell from grace and stripped of all power but avoided execution
Active again starting in 1890s in North America, selling services in hunting Infernalists and combating the Sabbat

Prior to his fall from grace in the 18th Century, Hugo had a reputation for being very effective but extremely arrogant and almost abusive in using power. Lately, he seems quiet and brooding, being someone too useful to ignore when help is needed but just too tainted to use publicly.

I'm looking for allies/rivals (fellow alastors/archons/etc, maybe even a Sabbat Inquisitor?) and particularly foes (victims of his prior bad behavior have to exist somewhere), or any other appropriate connection from an extremely large history. Message me here or email at solon.isonomia (at) gmail.com if you've got an idea or just interested.


  • jsimons1975
    Participant Ghoul
    My name is Jim Simons. I play Archibald Armstrong, a Camarilla Lasombra residing in Green Bay, WI.
       Archibad was embraced early 12th century in the city of Antioch (no official date as his site is a bit of a recluse). He was born a Scott and has preserved his heritage. Mr Armstrong was heavily involved in opposition to the anarch revolt, and has continued hunting those of the "traitorous" blood to this day.
       Archibald served the Brittish Crown from the 13th century on to the conclusion of the wars in the middle east (end of the19th century), and could be found anywhere the Union Jack flew.
      He is known to be a strong supporter of Clan Toreador, as well as a regular companion to several Autarkis Tzimisce who share his opposition to the Sabbat.
    If this character interests you let me know.
  • Solon
    Participant Ghoul
    Two Lasombra antitribu within 500 miles of each other? And they both fought in the Revolt? A connection is practically a given! I sent you what I think is a PM on this thing.
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