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(Camarilla) (Merced) (Toreador) True immortality in a timeless work of art

Geronimo de la Vega is a master sculptor, creating huge dramatic works since the late Renaissance. His work has generated much praise, and in recent nights, a bit of controversy.

If you are the subject of one of his creations, your character will be depicted in a stone or bronze statue owned by someone else, giving you a unique connection to the piece's owner, as well as the artist.

If you own a statue, I will make up a card for you to print and stick on a wall at game with a complete description of the work, so that everyone can admire and discuss it. It will include the realistic likeness of other player characters. All pieces have the Masterwork or Artisan quality, and may include the Absent Sway quality, depending on the purchaser's preference (see Toreador Clan Merit for details).

To be included in one of these magnificent pieces, or to own one for yourself, reply below, contact inscrutableglyph@gmail.com or use this form.



  • ShadowSaber
    Participant, Moderator Ghoul
    So i have too local characters that would want ties, please take your pick and let me know.

    1. Blaine de Castile Eldar Ventrue, El Dorado, Camarilla
    2. Anton Versile, Carpathian, Sacramento, Independant
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